Idea, concept and realisation of foto/film projects

I develop adventure stories such as “Adventure Germany” or “African Waters” by using my experience of 25 years of editorial and commercial photography and connect that with high-profile, international contacts.

One key element of my work is pure enthusiasm for the outdoors: The skills of being a helicopter pilot, skier, horseback rider, paragliding instructor and hunter allow me to capture unique perspectives which are not accessible for most people. In many cases, mountaineers or hunters take images of what they love.

Their professionalism is in the activity. I am the professional photographer, knowing how to behave in their habitat.

As a brand ambassador for internationally renowned brands like Leica and OWC, I connect the brands involved in our productions to emphasize their benefit from each other’s reputation, contacts, and social media activities. Consequently, we build a community interested in high-quality images and emotional trailers, documentaries and subtle product placement in high-end photo essays, which are published in magazines like National Geographic, Playboy, Stern, Terra Mater, etc. 

The benefit for all partners involved is exceptional visibility and public awareness of the highest standard in an editorial environment including high end film trailers and/or documentaries.

If you are interested in joining the community, please use the contact form.

See my film portfolio

„African Waters“: Travelling 10 African countries by helicopter to create awareness for water related issues. (2018, Client: Terra Mater, OWC, Leica)

„Adventure Germany“ crossing Germany on horseback from Garmisch to Sylt. (2013, Client: National Geographic, Leica)

„Adventure Ireland“. Crossing Ireland on horseback along the Wild Atlantic Way. (2016, Client: Knesebeck)

„Hunting experience Norway“. Follow influencer & huntress Irene Kvalvik to a hunting trip in Norway (2020, Client: Hornady, Leupold, Savage, Polaris)

Florian Wagner S2 Safari: Testing Leica`s top camera under hard conditions while riding a Safari in Kenya (2010, Client: Leica)

„Polaris“ Sustainable logging with horses. A tradition coming to fashion again. (2019, Client: Polaris)

“Wait a little“. Big 5 horseback Safari in South Africa (2017, Client: Wait a Little)

Starchef & Pro hunter Mike Robinson: Sustainable food of the highest possible quality (2017, Client: Leica, Hornady)

Situated between India and Pakistan, Kashmere is known for it`s political struggle. Few people know, that there is great Snowboarding in the Himalayas. 3 Nitro Pro Riders find their limits in an incredible landscape. (2014, client: Red Bull Media House, Nitro Snowboards)

100% Utilzation:  Sustainable Hunting in the Tyrolian Alps with „Heimat – Wild“ (2021, Client: Hornady, Bushnell, Savage)

Florian Wagner is brand ambassador of