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The adventures I was privileged enough to experience with my horses, which I documented in my books “Adventure Germany” and “Adventure Ireland”, also had a great impact on how I see the world today. This is even more true for our travels to 10 African countries by helicopter, searching for water.

In my multimedia shows I take you along those trips, telling you all about risk management, falling of horses, getting back up again, emergency landings and the great people we met along the way. You can book the MM Shows for 30, 60 or 75 minutes.

I love being outdoors and experiencing a connection with nature – when I started my career as a photographer, I was already a paragliding pilot and instructor. So straight away, I distinguished myself from other photographers:

My perspective from above allowed me to make things visible which are hidden to most people. Travelling Australia for a year gave me the opportunity to work as a “Jackaroo”, which is what Australians would call their Cowboys. Again, I brought my camera along and documented the hard work of Australian Cattle Ranchers in Hunter Valley, which led to my first publication “Where Freedom is limitless” in German`s Horse Magazine “Reiten St. Georg”, with the funny subhead:

“Bavarian Ski Instructor works as Jackaroo on the fifth continent”. Learning to hunt was a logic consequence of spending a good part of my life in nature. Only if we understand circumstances and connections in nature we are able to protect them and manage them in a sustainable way.

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