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Why is “Worldwide Waters” so important?

Our civilization has used a good part of fossile energy that had been built up over millions of years in only one lifespan. Our Oceans are being overfished and polluted in a dimension way beyond imagination. Billions of human beings do not have access to healthy water. As a result, children mortality in many places in Africa and India amongst others is on an inacceptable rate.

From experience we know, that people only will want to change their behavior once they are aware of what is going on. To create exactly that awareness, I try to create images with a super high end camera (Leica S) that make people want to find out more about the beauty reflected in the image.

How “Worldwide Waters” works

“Worldwide Waters” is not me alone. This project is all about creating a community: we combine decades of experience in photography and media with the passion for our planet to raise awareness for a sensible use of the resource water.

And it doesn’t stop with attracting attention – we try to make an impact by supporting organisations who share the same goal, which is a sustainable approach to providing clean water to men, nature, and animals all over the world.

How we do this

 “Worldwide Waters” is centered around extraordinary visual storytelling. Our first project “African Waters” has created a media coverage far from what I thought possible and was estimated a value of 1.3 million Euros by Pearlsgroup Munich. My project “Worldwide Waters” is now aiming to create many more projects like this to raise awareness for this vital topic all over the world.

The benefit for all partners involved is exceptional visibility and public awareness of the highest standard, by supporting this utterly important cause. Apart from that, I deliver what I call my core expertise: High end emotional content related to adventures around water, that affect every single one of us. As a side effect, all partners involved profit from each others reputation and followership as we experienced with our long term partners LEICA and OWC.
However chooses to join up with us benefits not only from great visibility in the media but also creates strong credibility around the company’s philosophy and extremely powerful content for social media and the companies brand communication by supporting an art project with social intentions that affect every single creature on the planet.

Florian Wagner is brand ambassador of